Recent Works

“The Recycling Factory Challenge” is a mini software game for children showing the basic steps of the recycling process. In the game, a young animated character goes through a general review of the basics of recycling for getting ready to work at a recycling factory. In the factory, learners command the character to make the right decisions for carrying out various recycling processes, and try to finish the tracks for the four types of recyclables with minimal error. The game also took part at the Ph.D. thesis of Deniz at Boğaziçi University where the tutorial had a statistically significant positive effect on learners. An inactive/motionless sample of the game can be found at the Appendix page on this website. For more info on its contribution to learning, see: – No: 480259.

“O Okul” is an original website designed for school preference in university selection. In the context of the design, unlike others, there are comments of students who studied at two different universities comparing those schools. The idea behind is the fact that the truest review of a school can be made by students who have also studied at another school. The work, with its extreme plain design, also formed an alternative layout for the “Technology Acceptance Model” from MIT which is widely accepted since 1985. Details of the design can be seen in the M.Sc. thesis presented at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University; – No: 666221, and the website can be found at:

The info about “My First Artwork” will be available shortly…⏳ The project is in the official patent process and the demo is at: